My Experience of a Robby Dawkins Conference – Day 1

Now I know what you’re thinking…..Sexy beard!

I was trying new things at the time whilst I was on my sabbatical. Anyhow don’t let the sexy beard distract you! 😀

It was this week (mid March) of last year that I had the privilege of going to a Robby Dawkins two-day conference and what’s more, I also got to hang out and travel with him in-between the conference sessions.

Firstly a huge thanks to my great friend Rod Williams (he’s the guy on the right of the picture) for inviting me to hang out with him and Robby over the weekend.

Who is Robby Dawkins?
Robby is becoming more and more well-known within lots of Christian circles. He’s a former Vineyard Pastor that pastored a Church in Aurora, Illinois. He led this Church for about 15 years and saw loads of people come to know Jesus, many through power 13343015_1018652648220620_4605052722860591697_nevangelism (signs, miracles and wonders). This Church is in one of the roughest areas of Chicago and they minister to drug dealers, addicts, and murderers, and see Jesus transform many lives. Robby is husband to Angie and they have 6 children. Robby has written 3 books and now mainly speaks at conferences and goes about equipping others to do the work of Jesus through power evangelism. Robby also has a real heart to go to share Jesus in the places which many people would fear, such as Iran.

Now I will admit, prior to the invitation to attending the Robby’s conference, I didn’t know much about him. I had heard of Robby, but that was about it. I therefore bought Robby’s first book ‘Do what Jesus did’. What a book. I could not put this book down (I will blog a review of it at a later date). After reading this book and being incredibly challenged I looked forward with anticipation to meet Robby.

Crossing the Scottish border…
The conference was all the way up in Glasgow, Scotland. I travelled by plane, this being 17190541_1270194649733084_6899859222167580065_nthe first ever time I had walked on Scottish soil. Being an English man, there has always been banter between us and our Scottish cousins. However the warm welcome and friendly hospitality shown by the Church Pastor (James Faddes) and the Bishopbriggs Community Church was absolutely incredible. I’ll be writing a blog post soon on ‘hospitality’ which this Church did beautifully.

My first experience with Robby was travelling and eating dinner with him, Rod and James Faddes family. Robby is a really friendly guy. I was impressed by all the stories Robby shared. Stories of lives touched, lives transformed by Jesus. Robby is an intelligent worldly guy, as we spoke about politics, Scottish history (which it turns out I know very little about) and also theology. Robby is not shy about discussing controversial subjects.

Highlights of the first evening
That evening we travelled onto Bishopbriggs Community Church in which Robby kicked off the ‘Do what Jesus did’ conference. Robby spoke with authority as he shared that God wants to build the Kingdom of God through us right now, here are some of the highlights from the first evening:

  • The conference was very accessible with Robby communicating in different ways. Speaking, video’s, pictures and practical hands on.
  • Robby explained how faith should be spelt RISK. He encouraged us that if we desire to see things shift and change we need to take RISKS.
  • That we are to be a people who pursue the presence of God and how through an encounter with God it can change everything.
  • That God desires his presence to be in people (through you and I).
  • I loved this quote from Robby: “If you pray for revival, then you’re praying for yourself. It’s Christ in YOU! 
  • Robby asked people to come forward who had pain in a particular body part. Robby rosie-fraser-592594-unsplashthen invited the youth up and also a few people who were unsure about healing to pray for those with pains. The rest of us got to witness Jesus heal those people as Robby equipped each of those praying step by step to pray for them. I think 18 of about 20 people were fully healed.
  • At the end I received prayer. I had been experiencing a really bad back which nearly stopped me from coming to the conference. After being prayed for a few times, the pain went from a 10 to a 1. Even though my back wasn’t fully healed, I was thankful that the majority of pain had left.

This first evening was incredible. My eyes were opened to what God could do through us if we really let him. That evening we had seen healings, prophetic words spoken out, lives transformed and Kingdom activities. I could not wait for the 2nd day……..

Click here for ‘Robby Dawkins Conference Day 2 – Putting Words into Action’ blog post.




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