Robby Dawkins Conference Day 2 – Putting Words into Action

Excited for Day 2
Having been hugely inspired by the previous day. I woke up excited by the prospect of what God would do on the second day.

I went and joined the three others staying at Premier Inn for a full on eat as much as possible breakfast. Robby, Rod, a new Christian called Andy and I sat together. As we munched through breakfast we were all chatting, laughing and getting on really well, as if we’d all known each other for years. Robby was again sharing lots of encouraging stories, even first thing in the morning God was using Robby to inspire us.

Inspiring Teaching
After breakfast we travelled to the Bishopbriggs Community Church, as we arrived the church quickly filled up. The conference began with passionate worship. The Scots certainly know how to praise Jesus! Robby then got up to begin day two of the ‘Do what Jesus did’ conference. During the morning session some of the things I learnt were:markus-spiske-502390-unsplash

  • The Church is an equipping centre. We are to be filled up to be poured out.
  • It is not about gifted people, it is about Jesus in us.
  • Faith is like an automatic door, it won’t open until we go. We don’t need to wait for a sign, just go and see God show up.
  • Satan is in power because of our unbelief. We need to take the fight to where the enemy is.
  • Jesus desires us to share in his POWER and his AUTHORITY.

Putting the words into action
After a morning full of inspiring teaching, that afternoon. Robby set us all a challenge. We were to go out of the Church and over the next 2 hours we were to offer to pray for people and give words of prophesy.

We were then paired up. I was hoping that I would get paired up with someone that is experienced in this area, someone that I could learn from, where I could take an initial backseat role so I could see what they did before I dived in. Instead I was paired up with new Christian Andy… I was to be the experienced Christian!andrew boyle

Andy and I had met the previous night and instantly hit it off. We are both a similar age, married with kids. He’s speaks with a strong Scottish accent, very friendly and extremely enthusiastic. It turns out we both dress quite similarly and must have a few similar features as a number of people at the conference asked us if we were brothers (handsome guy!)

Anyhow, after being paired up, I put on a brave ‘yes I do this all the time’ face (I think I may have fooled Andy). We prayed together and then with a mixture of fear and excitement we left the church building.

On the streets of Bishopbriggs
It’s funny when you walk around, looking at people, wondering whether to offer to pray for them. There are hundreds of excuses that come to mind for not offering to pray. Or maybe it’s just me that thinks of these excuses…

I make excuses for people such as:

  • That person looks busy
  • I can’t offer prayer to a group of people
  • That person has kids
  • That person will probably say no (I’m ashamed to say: judging by people’s appearance)
  • I’ll offer to pray just after I…….tie my shoe lace, had a drink, gone to the toilet etc…

When you’ve been challenged to pray for people and you’ve got someone with you to keep you accountable to actually doing this, then it might actually happen.

Our first encounter
So Andy and I walked into Bishopbriggs. We saw a guy possibly in his late 20’s, stood sajjad-zabihi-277640-unsplashoutside a shop smoking a cigarette. We initially walked past him and I had a sense that we should offer to pray for him. We walked back and with an awkward nervousness we introduced ourselves.

“Hi mate, sorry to bother you (hey I’m a polite Englishman!). My name is Nick and this is Andy. We’ve just come from a conference at Bishopbriggs Community Church and have been encouraged to pray for people. We were just wondering if there was anything that we could pray for you for? Do you have any pains, illnesses, injuries?”

He looked at us and said. “I’m really struggling with gambling, I really want to stop”. I was taken aback by how open and honest this guy was. As we spoke further, we learnt that he is a Dad, he has a daughter and when he has money, he can’t stop himself from gambling. You could tell as he spoke, that this young guy just felt broken. So there and then in the middle of Bishopbriggs, we prayed for him. We asked God to give him the strength to combat this addiction. We spoke words of God’s love over him and we thanked God that this guy is a Dad that obviously loves his daughter very much. We prayed for their father-daughter relationship and that it would continue to grow and strengthen.

This guy was ever so thankful, that we took the time to chat to him and to pray with him. The only downside was that I didn’t know of anything that was going on in Glasgow that could have helped this guy further. It would have been great to link this guy up with a service that could help with battling an addiction, such as CAP release groups, but we trusted that God had it in hand.

After praying for this guy, we felt more excited. It wasn’t that hard to just offer to pray.

The woman at the well
Earlier that day Robby had spoken from the Bible passage about Jesus meeting a woman by the well. Andy and I noticed a well and so decided to stand by it and offer to pray for anyone that walked past it. Suddenly this lady in a wheelchair came past with her husband pushing the chair. Andy and I approached, explained what we were doing and asked if we could pray. The lady shared that she suffers with rheumatoid arthritis. She told us that in the morning her knees were giving her intense pain, and that her feet were so bad she couldn’t move them at all. Andy and I explained the 0-10 pain scale to her and then we began to pray. We commanded the knee to be healed in Jesus name and for all pain to leave. We then turned to her and asked her how she was doing. Not much had changed after the first prayer, so we prayed again. After the third prayer she noticed a significant difference. She was then able to lift her legs up.james-williams-502481-unsplash

After 5 or 6 prayers the movement in both of her legs increased even more and the pain was reducing. The lady and her husband were really blown away by what God was doing. There faces were an absolute picture. They were very thankful and we told them that Jesus knows them and loves them.

We were very excited by what we saw that afternoon. During those two hours we prayed with five people. People who we told that God loves them.

Hearing all the stories
When everyone aattending the conference returned, we had a feedback session where old and young alike shared what God did over those two hours, the people that had been met, prayed for and impacted. It was so encouraging to hear the stories. Andy shared about our experience praying for the lady in the wheelchair, he was so excited by what God had done.

Robby shared Andy’s passionate feedback on his Facebook Page, check out the video here.

17264406_1272998022786080_5853050968139666171_nRobby brought this incredible conference to an end. It was brilliant, so eye opening, encouraging and challenging.

That evening, a Bishopbriggs Community Church member invited me round for dinner along with Robby. That Church is simply incredible at hospitality, so kind and welcoming. Then the Pastor James Faddes took Robby and I out for a beer in Glasgow.

Seeing Robby in action
As we entered the Glasgow streets, it was incredible to see Robby in action. As we walked along, he stopped a couple of people on the walk to ask them if they had a certain condition and if he could pray for them. I think this is one of the reasons that Robby sees so many answers to prayer. He sees lots of answers because he prays so much. He takes any opportunity and takes these opportunities before his mind starts making excuses.

It was a massive privilege to enjoy a beer with Robby and James. Two incredible men of God. Two men with lots of stories, with a huge passion for Jesus and a hunger for more of the Spirit’s work within them.

This was a weekend that has changed me as I saw God do so much as well as seeing the potential for more. It was a weekend that I will never forget.



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